Say Hello Wave Goodbye by Soft Cell

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but BrandDNA was first  

for my sister helen 1963 -2012   10

Professor 20 Aug 2012

And so, the end is near.... see you in the other places, and may those other places be as happy, friendly and charming as this has been. I often tweeted how this had become my favourite site, esp in contrast to how snarky everyone seemed to be on Twitter & FB. I really started interacting with people when I began to notice everyone writing about a wedding that was going to happen between 2 people on here (take a bow @natyblooming and @Brownpants). This really piqued my interest, and I loved the romance of it Aside from that, as I get older, I find myself running for the comfort of old tunes, the instant gratification you get from a mixture of good music and fond memories. TIMJ made me listen to stuff I hadn't heard before, without having to wade through lots of shite. One of you introduced Hinds and Durutti Column to e - eternally grateful. Take care, xxx P.S. thanks for the shout out @BertrandRustles, and the new friend nod - but I've been following you for bloody ages :-)   20

loboska 24 Sep 2015

Is THIS really the last Jam? May seem a put up job but I really love this When Marc Almond growls goodbye as it fades out it truly seems like it is! see you on other formats!

paullancaster1 25 Sep 2015

this fuckin' song   2

bluetapes 17 Aug 2013

Apt choice that this, my favourite song, is also my last jam. Take care all. xx   2

markworth0510 18 Aug 2015

Checking out of the TIMJ Hotel. It's been a blast people, to who knows where or when...   3

kerlmann 26 Sep 2015