Lost It To Trying by Son Lux

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Heard it in Paper Towns tonight #onrepeat Lost It To Trying - Son Lux

Lloyd 29 Jul 2015

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anyBuulet 13 Feb 2014

Back to work today! During the limited time I've had to myself this xmas, I have played this as much as possible. Just love it! Thanks Melissa   8

sbrennan0161 2 Jan 2014

An exhilarating fusion of small-ensemble classical and contemporary electronics, crossbred together with meticulous, wire-walking production that is essential to pull a sound like this off so freaking well. Can you tell I'm over the moon about this? I heard of Son Lux a while back, but only got around to actually picking up this release last month. I could easily make a half-dozen other tracks on Lanterns my jam. And he scores film, too? Jeez, what have I been doing?

jarvix 14 Jun 2015

Just received my vinyl a few days ago. "Lanterns" or the Beauty of Dark Light...   20

MyBlueElephant 3 Nov 2013