Superstar by Sonic Youth

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Best Carpenters cover.   1

uchitel96 27 Oct 2013

My next few Jams are going to be some of my favourite cover versions. Starting with Sonic Youth's version of "Superstar", written by Leon Russell, but made famous by The Carpenters.   6

AndyWilkinson 19 Sep 2013

I know this Carpenters' cover divides people, but it's been stuck in my head and I've been singing it all morning, so I thought I'd inflict it upon you... :)   8

melissapulo 2 Aug 2014

Continuing the "best covers of all time" theme.   1

urschrei 28 Nov 2011

One of the few times you'll Sonic Youth dabbling with an acoustic guitar. This was the lead double A side single shared with Redd Kross for the Carpenters tribute album "If I Were a Carpenter".   2

coveredinjam 25 May 2015

Sonic Youth have always been high on my list of bands I thought I should like, but just never did. Here's a big exception: their cover of the Delaney and Bonnie jam (made most famous by the Carpenters) is equal parts melody and melancholy... just as a tragicbeauty jam should.   9

TragicBeauty 7 Feb 2015