Magic Fly by Space

“La musique... spatiale.”

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La musique... spatiale.   8

IFTFOM 11 Sep 2013

They're french, they play synths, it's 1977, and one of them is Daft Punk's father......but I'm not sure which one.....  Cosmic #FunkyFriday   30

philipnareike 12 Jul 2013

#BirthdayJam !! No. 1 Single in Germany the day/year I was born (Aug 31st), Today!   17

clickysounds 31 Aug 2013

Don't ask me how I arrived at this. But I'm thinking the original Daft Punk... anyone remember it?   19

AlicejustMay 15 Mar 2013

@iivix ...what about this one? You only got ten minutes btw, i'm changing my jam real early today...   4

ZenPyramid 6 Feb 2012

Space... The Daft Punk of 1977.

Psychotronic 13 Apr 2015