Dick Around by Sparks

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Bombastic, wonderful, classic Sparks from 2006. Like 1975 never ended.

JamesWallis 12 Jan 2012

From the stunning album Hello Young Lovers. Dedicated to anyone & everyone who has had their time utterly wasted and been dicked around ; )

moriarty 2 Sep 2013

ugh, Fridays with too much work to do huh.

Sarah 6 Jun 2014

I've been on a bit of a Sparks kick lately.   10

Section42L 14 Oct 2014

It may be my continued unemployment, or just general ennui (*salutes* General Ennui!), but while I am trying to myself busy, it sometimes just feels like so much Dicking Around.

nailest 31 Jul 2015

Epic three minute rock opera. Insanely detailed, it rocks out, and there are memetic cats in the video.   4

iivix 29 Feb 2012