This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us by Sparks

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Apparently TIMJ is being turned into an archive in a week or two …

attentive 22 Aug 2015

I just flippin' well love this! Have a great weekend folks.   15

Bukowski 8 May 2015

No idea why they weren't bigger in America.

batmasterson 13 Aug 2015

I'm really enjoying the Sparks/Franz Ferdinand collaboration FFS. I've blogged about it here. The album from Rough Trade comes with a cracking mix CD so I'll pop up some choice picks #aweekofFFS

StuartEdwards 25 Jul 2015

Another record I asked my Mum to get for me. I'm sure it's been jammed loads but it's a classic. It was always Ron that stole the show for me with his weird looks to camera and 'tache. #firstrecords #lastjams   5

Astromonkey 22 Sep 2015

This held me and my brother spellbound when we were young The TOTP 'bugger the miming' original Fabulous &, oh dear, even prophetic #dedicationjamforDav   21

alisonsghost 31 Jan 2014