Tiger Tank by Speedy Ortiz

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but stiofandafyyd was first  

Old fashioned indy is good, too #BestOf2013   2

Gummi 21 Dec 2013

The very central middle of my music taste.

oldseacaptain 24 Apr 2015

what a weird song....i like it!   1

jennychisnell 1 Dec 2014

Finally getting to see Speedy Ortiz on Sunday. I've been in love with them and this album since I got it last year, and it was one of my top 5 albums for the year. This is probably the best-known song by them, but it's one of my favorites, especially for the amazing wordplay in the lyrics, and if you somehow haven't heard Speedy Ortiz yet, then it will be new for you! Also love that it's about coping with depression. "spoon out the sweet stuff for streetwise smut"

astiocles 27 Sep 2014