I Think I'm in Love by Spiritualized

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Today in '90s alt-rock jams that have aged well...

JoeMacare 9 Sep 2014

"think I can rock and roll - probably just twistin' / think I wanna tell the world - probably ain't listenin'"

zeroid 21 May 2015

I like making up my own "I think I....,probably just..." bits. Try it yourself - it's mildly entertaining!   6

underhandrea 17 Jun 2013

Spotify thinks I might like this song. Little do they know: I ALREADY DID

jervonyc 20 Jul 2015

I've seen Spiritualized one hour ago. I still can't believe. Too beautiful, ecstasy, total trance!!!!

laurafantyz 25 Aug 2014

Love the way this builds and layers...

rowantafler 14 Dec 2011