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“I love this band so many.”

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I love this band so many.

ShanebearGrogan 5 Apr 2015

Watch the white boy get funky ...and yes they are from Alabama.   5

rickydicky49 31 Mar 2014

So much soul.

Terminal17 26 Feb 2015

Heard this on the radio. Never expected them to look like this. What a voice.   2

aldusd 1 Dec 2014

These guys are awesome. Straight out of Birmingham, Alabama with enough soul to claim it. @StP_BrokenBones

TheLeeTaylor 30 Jul 2013

I have so many great words for @StP_BrokenBones . I just found them yesterday. Im sure some of you have already seen thier write up in Paste Magazine. Or ahve been lucky enough to see them live in and around our mututally loved city of Birmingham Alabama. One of my all time favorite films is The commitments. A story of a group of poor white irishmen who come together in the slums of Dublin and play Blues and R&B. This band feels like that with a twist of Blue Brothers era John Belushi vocals. Theyve modernized it just enough to be radio friendly. And sometimes thats not a bad thing, like in this case. Please take a moment and have a listen. I dont think youll be disappointed. And if you are, tell me why, cause i wanna try to change your mind. Enjoy!   4

wizzard 29 Nov 2014