Birth In Reverse by St. Vincent


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#5 in my top ten #Bestof2014 . Difficult to pick one track off her stunning album "St. Vincent" OK let's say it. This is the best album of 2014 - inventive, raw, emotional, genuinely trying to say something novel and by 'eck it rocks! More to my list than that though - more about songs than albums!   22

Axol 13 Dec 2014

My favourite track from this challenging, thought provoking and wonderfully multi-faceted new album. I agree that it is not to everyone's taste, but treat it like a hot bath, just lower yourself in gently.   14

Bukowski 5 Mar 2014

This week's New Reels looks at the newly released video for 'Birth In Reverse' by the magnificent St. Vincent, which due to the usual issues we can't post here so have this live version from Later... instead (you can see the video in the article!)   2

MVD 18 Dec 2014

Oh, what an ordinary day

detandersen 13 Aug 2014

Jam number 9 of my favorite songs 2013 (in no particular order)! And I just heard this for the first time today :) #Bestof2013 #StVincent

rvleonard 10 Dec 2013

Hello Monday, hello St. Vincent!   2

TeamJamPicks 9 Dec 2013