Huey Newton by St. Vincent

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Wait for the drop.

aanand 17 Sep 2014

Off to London for a few days and then moving back into my uni flat. Back on Monday! In the meanwhile: one of my favourite songs of the year so far!   3

CallumPetch 25 Sep 2014

Also great live!

thomsonyeh 30 Apr 2014

I sometimes forget just how much Annie can shred on the guitar, but at about the 2:30 mark comes a crunchy rifftastic fuzz explosion!   5

gorillawit 25 Feb 2014

The whole album is start-to-finish great, but that guitar break at 2:39 is something else, entirely. She's just the best.   3

staticstudios 6 Apr 2014

A high point on an album of high points. St Vincent is cooler than everyone   1

AdlaiM 6 Jul 2015