Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust

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antonyjohnston 15 Jul 2013

'Oooooh baby I feel right, the music sounds better with you'

celso 21 Aug 2015

Hello fellow Jammers, Following the devastating news that This Is My Jam is about to close, me and a team of web-developers have just launched a new website - God's Jukebox - which is very much inspired by the TIMJ concept. Once registered, you should hopefully feel right at home on the site, as we have tried to emulate the TIMJ experience where possible. Please note, the site is brand new, and at this stage we have been implementing what we consider to be the core functionality. For instance the site is currently YouTube only, and not mobile optimised as yet. However we intend to expand upon and develop the site over time. If you are willing to take a look any thoughts or feedback would be welcomed Thanks Jackattackme aka God (on God's Jukebox)   13

jackattackme 12 Sep 2015

Good night, This Is My Jam. The music sounded better when I shared it with you.

ducktastic 24 Sep 2015

Getting in the mood for sunny summer #funkyfriday 😎

Ourali 12 Jun 2015

There's nothing about this I don't love.   1

kierongillen 15 Jul 2013