Barricade by Stars


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how could anyone not love the terrible things you do // how could anyone not love your cold black heart   2

unejay 10 Jul 2014

Randy13 and I put this on a mix titled "Pig and Rat Are Friends" many years ago. I baked some chocolate whoopie pies, had Randy doodle some charming artwork on each cd and then delivered a cookie and cd to the wonderful people that were a part of our lives at the time.   4

bingsy22 15 Jan 2015

Still on a high from finally seeing my favourite band live.

quelquefois 7 Apr 2013

Probably the most beautiful song about football hooliganism ever.

cbuckeroo 26 Apr 2013

One of my favorite songs of all time.   1

akeebaugh 14 Jul 2013

the thrill of blood comes instantly ...

lofomo 16 Jan 2014