#18 - From The Night by Stars


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Love this 1980s-inspired pop anthem. Great album opener. #dhmusic

briancroxall 7 Aug 2015

New Stars... I just peed a little.

jdeleven 18 Aug 2014

Birthday jams! ♪((└|o^▽^o|┐))

FunkyreFresh 13 Feb 2015

A "Driving around LA at Night" song.

TurboToaster 14 Dec 2014

New music from Stars! And tickets to see them in London in January. Hot diggity.

alexglennie 21 Nov 2014

#Top31Tracksof2014: As you may have guessed by now, I was very taken with pop music from 2014, especially the Indie Pop. Another band leading that charge was Stars whose lead single from "No One Is Lost" - which is an album is mostly really like - is a joyous, dancey, disco-aping ride that can (mostly) lift nearly any bad mood by itself. Huge fun! #bestof2014   2

CallumPetch 14 Jan 2015