My Favourite Book by Stars


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but Stegan was first  

i'd do anything for your time

synaereses 15 Apr 2013

A completely, unabashedly sappy choice.

Stegan 23 Apr 2012

One of the few genuinely happy Stars songs, I think.

AislinndeLyon 16 Mar 2013

How I know your face All the ways you move You come in, I can read you You're my favourite book ♫

amaeamae 26 Jun 2013

You can make my bed, I'll fall into it, shattered but not lonely / Because I never knew a home, until I found your hands, when I'm weathered / You come to me, you're my best friend...

rosigerante 22 Aug 2013

'cuz @NadN_10 walked down the aisle to this song.

sephiros 12 Aug 2013