'No One Is Lost' by Stars


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I want to live forever

tgraw 27 Jul 2015

i liked this song more after watching the CoS interview wherein Torquil gushes on #NewOrder #TheSmiths #Morrissey & #Marr - he be reppin' those he "stole everything from"

timeisnow 1 Jan 2015

Thanks to @hitherto for the discovery. All together now "Put your hands up, cause everyone dies'

RocioR 28 Oct 2014

For a minute #Stars totally fooled me - i thought someone in the band got happy, but with lyrics like "Put your hands up because everybody dies" and "Put your hands up if you know you're gonna lose" my favorite sad-sack band just has a glossy new coat of paint. #NoOneIsLost

samorlando 1 Oct 2014

I want to hear this really loud and dance my heart out.

jdeleven 2 Oct 2014

"Put your hands up 'cause everybody dies."

rikkehenneberg 29 Jun 2015