Genevieve by Stealing Sheep

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ericapackington 4 Feb 2013

Genevieve you're so amusing.

scotty505 7 Apr 2013

This time next week, Latitude, that's all!

adamdarroll 12 Jul 2013

Seem's there is a major swathe of 80s /90s bands coming to the four at the moment and as tempted as I am to jam these old favorites I'm conscious of the new and emerging talent coming through, to that end I'm going to try and to stick to jamming only new bands for the foreseeable future, I may have the occasional slip, that aside I hope you'll enjoy discovering something new with me... This week 'Stealing Sheep' who formed in 2010, is a band I've heard a number of times on Radio 6 of late, 'Genevieve' was the second single from their debut album 'Into The Diamond Sun' they now have a second album 'Not Real' with a bit of a different sound to it, both are equally worth listening to on there own merits but I like this track so that's the one you get.   2

Cornishson73 26 May 2015

This has been stuck in my head for days now...

lee7seven 21 Aug 2012

Their FB page: "Noisily drenched voodoo-pop from Liverpool, in the hazy shape of psychedelic folktronica." OK!

danbruno 25 Nov 2012