Babylon Sisters by Steely Dan


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but vinyltapradio was first  

...because I felt like jamming something from the creators of my avatar. Just a great mellow groove, this one.   6

kfarrnd 26 Jan 2015

TIL Steely Dan is another name for...

justanotherdave 5 Oct 2014

Cup Final week end so need something to calm me down   8

allymac 16 May 2014

'This is no one-night stand, it's a real occasion...' Oh my, our time here is nearly up. What a pleasure it has been. So much positivity.   4

VickyMB1970 10 Aug 2015

Shake it!

Mbuzidume 30 Oct 2012

Here come those Santa Ana winds again. Amen.   3

stevefawcett 1 Aug 2014