Dirty Work by Steely Dan

“It's an American Hustle kind of night.”

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It's an American Hustle kind of night.

hotlikewasabi 14 May 2015

On holiday. Still feel urgent need to Jam...   1

JamieOPR 12 Aug 2015

gotta throw in another underrated band before we leave

GarretsmthSmith 22 Sep 2015

I actually discovered this track through a cover version by 'The Replicants', both are worth checking out.   8

bassscape 28 Aug 2014

was lucky to find a studio version of this. an all-timer for me......enjoy the weekend my fellow jammers!!   2

roseyrhymes 12 Oct 2013

A slight change of direction for me. So much to love here: the musicianship, of course, and the arrangement (this is Steely Dan), but also the juxtaposition of a laid-back groove with some unhappy acerbic lyrics, and that melody is sublime. This was a very early incarnation of 'the Dan', before they became Becker and Fagen's train-set, and it's a sound I think I prefer.   3

twistymellorman 3 Aug 2015