Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan

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VickyMB1970 3 May 2014

Great Song, brilliant solo,awesome band ! Roll on October!

benrose146 11 Aug 2013

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gunsofbrixton 7 Apr 2015

Love the Larry Carlton guitar solo   1

JamesC 8 Nov 2014

Today's clavinet jam just had to be Steely Dan. #clavinetjams   5

Han 31 Jul 2012

I haven't posted in a while, but this song keeps kicking in my head. I rediscovered it for a college assignment where we had to analyze a song's form and stanzas and rhythm and whatnot. Why I chose this song is simple. One, most of the semester has been devoted to studying Steely Dan. Two, it's a kick ass song. The rise and decline of the drug wars in the early 70s fuel this song and it shows. Everything tinges with desperation (natch Donald Fagan) and the near blaxploitation quality of it all rings a hollow and warm chord that you can get lost in. It's a genius development by all accounts, and it goes to show Steely Dan's unfeeling and methodic stylings are as addictive as their subject. Everyone should listen to this song once. Be warned, though - this thing is a vicious ear worm.

DanielSmith1 20 Nov 2014