Super Electric by Stereolab


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but eliotvb was first  

I sometimes forget to listen to Stereolab; but It's always good when I remember.   1

ryanmair 6 Sep 2013

I wanted the Radio 1 version that just made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, but this will do. #thiswasmyjam   4

eliotvb 6 Dec 2013

my roommate taped this album at the college radio station and brought it home and we lost our sh*t. 20yrs wtf   2

eliotvb 24 Jan 2012

Glad I saw them back in the day before the sad demise of Mary.

darkphoenix 7 Feb 2013

Multiple layers of voices, guitars, moogs, noises, melodies... that was the soundtrack of my early 20s

bricelabarthe 14 Sep 2013