Another Star by Stevie Wonder

“8 minutes and 25 seconds of absolute perfection.”

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8 minutes and 25 seconds of absolute perfection.

alruii 14 Jun 2015

This goes on for over 8 minutes, with the same 8-bar la-la-la refrain for the majority of that length. Does it get old? Nope! For me, it recontextualizes the jam just enough to keep it interesting. Somehow, because of this, I find it less repetitive than other long-form tracks on Stevie's iconic double album, tracks like "Isn't She Lovely" and "Black Man." I'm even more impressed at how optimistically this song presents the familiar plight of unrequited love. It's pretty poignant as a closer in an album dedicated almost entirely to the subject of love.

jarvix 28 Jun 2015

To start the new year cheerful!   3

Salvadore 1 Jan 2014

Fin. #ByeByeBrazil x   2

EatMyHalo 13 Jul 2014

If you're remotely interested in football, get used to hearing this a lot on the BBC over the next month or so.   6

Olimite 11 Jun 2014


wunderkammered 26 Sep 2015