We Can Work It Out by Stevie Wonder

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What a great cover! #underthecovers   1

leadbutterfly 13 Feb 2015

Life-affirming. I need to bolster my Stevie Wonder collection.

devinpike 4 Jun 2013

Poops all over the original!   3

PeteWilliams 26 Jan 2012

@shadyjd know how you make a jam sandwich? take two pieces of bread and jam them together

gro 30 Jan 2013

One of my favorite Beatles covers, and so cool to see Stevie performing with Paul's band!!! Too bad Jonas Brothers had to follow! xD

PolytheneLucy 9 Oct 2013

Great cover! #Beatles “We Can Work It Out” by Stevie Wonder is my new jam. ♫   1

bLars 8 Nov 2013