Little Star by Stina Nordenstam

“From the gorgeous album 'And she closed her eyes'.”

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From the gorgeous album 'And she closed her eyes'.   1

PartyTearsFew 16 Mar 2013

I love this song SO much. It always takes me by surprise.   4

BertrandRustles 14 Sep 2012

A gem of a song.   3

jaxxon 19 Sep 2012

Quiet acoustic opening gives way to a beautifully sustained and masterful arrangement. What a song!

DaithiLacha 11 Feb 2012

I could have picked a less obvious Stina song. But then I thought, 'nah'.   4

purlpower 9 Jan 2013

How unfathomably gorgeous is this? Unique is a very overused term, but I think this song truly is. I certainly had never heard anything like it before and have heard nothing like it since. So many goose-bump moments packed into a few minutes. Epic and magical!

philgeorge54 12 May 2014