Be Still My Beating Heart by Sting

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but scrit was first  

This whole vinyl album sounds great on a sunny evening like this

levisan 31 May 2014

Sting the way you ought to be stung.   2

Mego_0 3 Apr 2015

Sting, Manu Katché, Kenny Kirkland, Mino Cinelu, Branford Marsalis, Andy Summers—what a fantastic ensemble that was! I can’t overappreciate the importance of Sting and his music in my musical development—and ‘Nothing Like the Sun’ specifically, one of the most ambicious mainstream albums ever recorded in my frankly-not-so-humble opinion—a manifesto of a seeking-but-not-have-found-yet man of extraordinary sensitivity, in spite of him being a complete prick at that time, as many people who have known him personally have admitted. well… ‘Never to be wrong, never to make promises that break… It’s like singing in the wind, or writing on a surface of a lake…’   2

homosporocarpus 21 Aug 2015