Papaoutai by Stromae

“Many thanks to @NewYorker for turning me on to @Stromae—this is awesome music!”

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Many thanks to @NewYorker for turning me on to @Stromae—this is awesome music!

kadamwhite 12 Aug 2014

Better question: Where is the person that left that kid alone with that mannequin?

MattyD123 22 Jan 2015

This is a great wee earworm. I said I would jam something else of Stromae's. This is it. I saw it first with subs on YT then I got to dig da choon, the video is funny in its own right. He makes a great dummy! #enjoy   5

daved 30 Jul 2015

Can't get it out of my head all day. #earworm   3

puff 7 Dec 2013

I feel like it's important to know what the words to this song mean because it makes you appreciate it for more than just the catchy beat that it has. I'd wanted to post the youtube video for this song cuz you can watch it with translated captions, but of course that didn't work. So, here's a link to the english translation if anyone is interested:   4

LujaneAl_F 24 Sep 2014