Tous les mêmes by Stromae

“So catchy and summery!”

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So catchy and summery!

WhoseClue 2 Jun 2015

Bringing you Stromae, the Belgian maestro, to kickstart your New Year! Love to one and all! x   9

AlicejustMay 31 Dec 2013

"A song without Boom Boom is like Venice without a gondola". Tous les mêmes, tous les mêmes, tous les mêmes et y'en a marre. Hugely popular Belgian hip-hop and electronic singer-songwriter Paul Van Haver, known as Stromae, released this song in 2013. A parody of male and female stereotypes it hit #1 in both Belgium and France. This video is a variant of the official video, forming part of his leçons series, and is filmed in Venice. [Vimeo not working? Try YouTube:]   9

itskerryc 11 May 2014

What an amazing artiste.

zhangceo 19 Sep 2015

Heard this on a ballroom dancing competition this past weekend. Fun stuff!

catterine 13 May 2015