Turtles All The Way Down by Sturgill Simpson

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Showing warmth to everyone...   1

Ramone666 19 Dec 2014

There’s a gateway in our mind that leads somewhere out there beyond this plane/Where reptile aliens made of light cut you open and pull out all your pain   1

bartography 30 Apr 2014

“Turtles” is about giving your heart to love and treating everyone with compassion and respect no matter what you do or don’t believe. The cosmic turtle is from a much quoted story found in publications throughout modern physics and philosophy, even ancient theology, that now essentially serves as a comedic picture or expression of a much grander idea.”

dsewulf 19 Apr 2014

brings to mind something of Jimmy Webb's groovier moments... just a bit more far out....

bignonioides 24 Apr 2014

Met the Devil in Seattle and spent nine months inside the lion's den.

franzferdinand2 4 May 2015

I'm stupid, excited about seeing this man next weekend!

amythejoyful 2 Jan 2015