Animal Nitrate by Suede

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QMagazine 25 Jun 2013

Peter Capaldi says: "What I love about this is the *sleaze* and Bernard Butler's guitar playing, which is relentlessly inventive." #artschoolguitarsolos   10

thesunneversets 14 Aug 2013

Remembered what I love about this -- the bit where it comes out of the guitar solo back into the chorus, and there's these climbing arpeggios, about 2:03. Fantastic Butlerwork!

moholkar 30 Jan 2015

Love the guitar riff in this so much

seeking_spheres 10 Jun 2015

I'd forgotten just how gosh darn amazing this track is!   4

CallumPetch 6 Nov 2013

#ABCs of me. Seeing Suede on TOTP as a teenager really had a huge effect on me!   4

lauramcgeachin 8 Apr 2015