Animal Nitrate by Suede

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Somehow managed to miss jamming my username inspiration over the years #FIXED

animalscones 18 Aug 2015

This morning I have been watching old Suede videos and drooling over what Brett looked like before he took to consuming things apart from drugs and getting professionals to attend too his hair and things like that. Boys take note: this is what you are supposed to look like.

helenhighwater 13 Apr 2015

Love the guitar riff in this so much

seeking_spheres 10 Jun 2015

Track Of The Day (Q325 preview):

QMagazine 25 Jun 2013

#ABCs of me. Seeing Suede on TOTP as a teenager really had a huge effect on me!   4

lauramcgeachin 8 Apr 2015

I'd forgotten just how gosh darn amazing this track is!   4

CallumPetch 6 Nov 2013