Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

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“One of the highlights of my music listening life.”

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One of the highlights of my music listening life.   19

Bukowski 10 May 2013

All things go, all things go.   6

MnsrMelancholy 27 Oct 2012

A spiritually uplifting, ethereally enlightened musing upon Life. Have a fulfilling weekend my fellow jammers.   19

Bukowski 17 Oct 2014

My favourite single from BBC Radio 6 Music's lifetime. Happy 10th Birthday to my favourite radio station.   18

Bukowski 18 Jan 2013

It's appropriate that one of the greatest American albums in recent memory was released on July 4th! Sufjan Stevens' 'Illinois' was released 10 years ago today, a sprawling concept album of unbelievable musical riches full of the geography, history, attractions, myths and traditions of the 5th most populous U.S. state. 'Chicago' may well be the best song Stevens has ever recorded - enjoy this clip and my article on this fascinating record!

edbiggs 4 Jul 2015

all things go

amyflano 8 Jul 2015