Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens


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"The hospital asked should the body be cast Before I say goodbye, my star in the sky Such a funny thought to wrap you up in cloth Do you find it all right, my dragonfly?" #ThisismyJam #SufjanStevens #Icry   1

Pixaling 7 May 2015

What could I have said to raise you from the dead? Oh could I be the sky on the Fourth of July?

beccca 30 Aug 2015

one of the most special lyrics i have ever heard..never to be forgotten. thank you Sylvie,you're a star on this date is not important to me....   17

lynn200 5 Jul 2015

Sufjan Stevens speaks universal truths in Fourth of July, and the song's aching, looping refrain is stuck in my head.   5

mosang 28 Apr 2015

Intimate, melancholic, tender, but utterly heartbreaking - my favourite track from one of the best albums I've heard this, or any other year.   2

BelloDiNotte 2 Apr 2015

The Sufjan Stevens' effect   11

MyBlueElephant 4 Jul 2015