Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens

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The Sufjan Stevens' effect   11

MyBlueElephant 4 Jul 2015

Intimate, melancholic, tender, but utterly heartbreaking - my favourite track from one of the best albums I've heard this, or any other year.   2

BelloDiNotte 2 Apr 2015

Somehow, it isn't twee.

dznz 25 Aug 2015

"Make the most of your life, while it is rife, while it is light." Q1 of 2015 has had more good music in it already than I can remember from practically the whole of 2014, and this might be the best song of its best album. <3   4

thesunneversets 2 Apr 2015

Sufjan Stevens speaks universal truths in Fourth of July, and the song's aching, looping refrain is stuck in my head.   5

mosang 28 Apr 2015

What could I have said to raise you from the dead? Oh could I be the sky on the Fourth of July?

beccca 30 Aug 2015