The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! by Sufjan Stevens

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Enjoy!   2

Zergonoid 28 Apr 2015

this is so pretty, fanks max   4

marshamarsh 5 Jul 2012

Into the car, from the back seat; oh admiration in falling asleep.

adie 15 Jan 2015

We were in love! We were in love! Palisades, Palisades -- I can wait. I can wait....   1

walt.brown 14 Feb 2013

Sorry for the silence. Have this beautiful throwback that almost makes me cry every time I rediscover it.   1

mefnouhra 9 Jan 2014

so i haven't posted a jam in a while (months!) because my life is one long fit of pique, but i'm here now because life is arbitrary. you can rest assured that half of all the songs i've listened to in the last however-many-months were "the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us," and half of the times i've cried on public transportation in the last however-many-months was because of the line "i can't explain the state that i'm in / the state of my heart, he was my best friend." god! i cry about this song big time. major cry styles. totally cryworthy. good for a morning metro commute cry session. i was gonna post "change your ticket" off one direction's new album, but then i thought, "nah, i've only cried to that song, like, once." and with november, the year's cruelest and most indifferent month, coming to an end, who am i to deny the world a good cry score? a hungover morning cry-up? a tuna melt on cry? come cry with me, let's cry, let's cry away.

mccauleykr 30 Nov 2014