Too Much by Sufjan Stevens

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ThisIsMyJam more like ThisIsMySufjan, am I right guys?????

misandrist 24 Jan 2015

Not listening to much else but Sufjan these days.

rossintranslatn 5 Mar 2013

Quirky indie-electro groove earworm that has made me move around in my room for the past few days now. And then it suddenly turns into orchestral bombast because that's just what the album's like.

FlintFox 8 Oct 2013

"There's too much riding on that anyway"

joelstreet 8 Jul 2014

One of Sufjan's electronic ventures from his groundbreaking Age of Adz. Beauty, beauty, beauty.   1

holderch5 21 Apr 2013

I like the way this track develops.   1

altngo 14 Dec 2014