“not really sure this is a .... 'jam'....”

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not really sure this is a .... 'jam'....

itskelp 6 Mar 2013

Feeling positive for the new year

yumtan 2 Jan 2012

The original singer is a male but I prefer this female version.

simplypolar 6 Sep 2014

Midori - sadly now a defunct band - blends hardcore punk, jazz and noise rock into a wall-of-sound style which positions the band as a notable facet within a unique amalgamation of musical cultures. The grungy quality to their music; the one-take vocals and unfettered recordings really complements the improvisational yet fluid sense of their instrumentation. As this album is in the middle of the band's existence, it is situated between their noise rock roots and their progression into jazz-fusion, and I think this track in particular is a sweet spot in that regard: it leads with piano but in a very rhythmic way which mitigates the noise and makes sense of the rock, and at least to me, this prevents dissonance from detracting from the impact of its energy. There too, is an endearing piano interlude which is prototypical of later variations on the same use of juxtaposition. I still hope that they will return briefly and tour - they are one of the bands which I'd most like to see live.   2

lewwatt 11 May 2015

I want to be a meteor, shooting through the night sky.... [I ♡ Akina's voice so much and oh my god the 90s synths]

dopefishjustin 2 Jun 2015

bemani jams, bemani jams

FuzzyProxy 6 May 2015