Two Chords by Summer Camp

“This, on repeat, until the heat death of the universe.”

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This, on repeat, until the heat death of the universe.   1

Seniath 11 Sep 2013

This is without a doubt my favorite @summercampband song - and what a creative & enjoyable music video as well.

TADiLascio 1 Jul 2015

can't stop playing this tune absolutely adore it's sweetness, sadness & music well done #summercamp highly recommend this record   2

stumbelina 2 Oct 2013

Heard this on the radio recently and I really like it! Hope you enjoy. Busy couple of days ahead so I won't be listening in, but may keep an eye on you to see if you are behaving.   14

mikelowe 10 Oct 2013

Uplifting, summery, gorgeousness.

PinkMook 17 Jul 2014

One of my favourite tracks from the new Summer Camp album.

kierongillen 2 Oct 2013