Ben's My Friend by Sun Kil Moon

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Toune de balcon !

jefperreault 5 Jul 2014

whole album is man-emotion   1

yourbudstug 22 May 2015

It's that time of year when some of us nerd over our top music picks of the year. This is one of mine...also happens to be my b'day jam.   20

fsohail 8 Dec 2014

Should be posting something by Lily & Madeleine as I'm seeing them tonight (yay!), but this really struck me today.   4

markcmphillips 15 Feb 2014

Sun Kil Moon--Ben's My Friend. It's hard to overemphasize how much I love this song. "I said I can't explain it, it's a middle aged thing/ She said okay and ate her eggs Benedict / And I looked at the walls cluttered with sports bar shit ... ba ba bah." Oh and it's Ben, as in Ben Gibbard. Tried to rejam this from @fsohail but he's already moved on. Cheers   2

iMatthew_ 18 Dec 2014