Gentle Moon by Sun Kil Moon

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RIP Neil Armstrong   1

stina 25 Aug 2012

All calendars pass, days die off/And hope cannot last...

mgrasso 4 Apr 2015

I haven't been anywhere near as active on TIMJ in its last weeks as I'd hoped - I've just found it too sad. To everyone who has followed me, and to everyone I've followed: thank you; this has been an incredibly enriching experience. I will probably eventually make an account on Let's Loop and I can only hope the tastes of its community are as diverse and impeccable as those I've found here. I hope to see you all there. Simultaneously sorrowful and uplifting, I think this is the best choice I could make for my final jam - a choice I have agonised over. Smile down on us, sun Show your rays when things come undone   1

erroneousbosch 3 Sep 2015

Off to meet a spaceman tomorrow. So, tradition decrees that, this week, THIS is my jam.

niallb1 23 Oct 2014

But if love was like stone, then yours was mine/Through to my bones...

mgrasso 10 Aug 2014