Silver Moons by Sunset Rubdown

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Under all the folds of the dresses that you wear sway around to the cadence of your voice when you sang there

Mayorofunkytown 23 Oct 2013

I miss Sunset Rubdown. Their songs often felt like two or three songs patched together and you never knew where it was going to go.   4

oneeverytwo 20 Sep 2014

under all the folds of the dresses that you wear, there's an ocean and a tide and a riot in the square

terathiel 18 May 2015

Completely about growing up and passing the torch. Spencer Krug's lyrics are always on point and the strange quality of the voice, drum, piano, and guitar make my brain happy.

jamescampbell 28 Oct 2013

Classic Krug awesomeness

andycoffey 14 Oct 2012