Learned to Surf by Superchunk

“Happy Saturday pals! Surf's Up!”

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Happy Saturday pals! Surf's Up!

jimleatherman 29 Aug 2015

I'm making a playlist inspired by Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 masterpiece Point Break, and this is one of the songs on it.

ninjalovechild 27 Mar 2015

How are Superchunk still good? It makes no sense.

leedrever 20 Feb 2013

So this thing is different from blip.fm how?

egotist 2 Mar 2012

when i learned to talk/ i found words that weren't worth dirt

ckunzelman 1 Sep 2014

I would argue that you're not really living unless you're listening to Superchunk.

drylightning 12 May 2015