Caught By The Fuzz by Supergrass

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May or may not have just rewatched 'Hot Fuzz'...

ipengui 4 May 2015

settling in for a #CornettoTrilogy marathon this week, ending with the premiere of's a thumper from the #HotFuzz soundtrack! #whatneverjumpedafencebefore?   1

TrentonDJones 18 Aug 2013

So after 23 years and 10 months I have handed in my Warrant Card and resigned from my job which was located in an aptly named road called Shady Lane. No more interviews with prisoners, no more taking statements from witnesses or retraction statements from fickle injured parties, no more putting files together for Court and no more political arguments with the Crown Prosecution Service. This jam is for everyone I've helped put away ... #CrimeWeek   19

MadameZia 31 Jul 2014

I think Officer you'll find that these days it's perfectly legal on the top deck of the bus.   20

kemiladashdot 22 Jun 2013

Change occurs whether we want it or not.   2

kdd 23 Jun 2014