Parade パレード by Susumu Hirasawa

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Hey huhuhu yae haw doomayo da da da da da haaaaaaaaa.* *As accurate as I could get it.

PortlyGentleman 19 Jun 2012

I realized I had this on my iPod and listened to it a while back. Goddamn Paprika is such a good movie

ArloLevin 19 Dec 2012

Announcing #psychedelicvideofortnight !! This is from the 2006 Anime "Paprika" by Satoshi Kon. #weedjam #morethanweedjam Thanks to @jackietheripper for the inspiration.   7

Axol 18 Apr 2015

I want to feel like Meditational Field, but instead I feel like the mad parade tonight.

tdro 26 Jan 2014

NO MORE ANGER. OUR WORLD IS HAPPY AND MUNDANE, czyli Incepcja po Japońsku. Polecam i pozdrawiam.

Traveller 17 May 2012

I love this soundtrack!

creepingminx 11 Jun 2012