She Loves Us by Swans

“From my #2 album of 2014.”

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From my #2 album of 2014.   11

thefamilyghost 9 Jan 2015

I almost forgot to buy a ticket for Bill Callahan @VEGAcph this morning. You sly, Smoggy devil, you!

luke_richardson 13 Sep 2013

many swans songs could be my jam right now (saw em again Mon, amazing!) but this one's been in my head a lot.

ubunoir 14 Sep 2012

"Every second that you suffer, is a loss that I gain"

JoyrexJ9 27 May 2014

Nothing better than a good 17 minute long track. This is one of my favorite tracks off of To Be Kind. I was gonna upload this album in its entirety but it wasn't anywhere I could find in its entirety. So anyways, enjoy!

AlexEliason2 9 Apr 2015

Seeing these guys for the first time ever tonight. Here's an older song I hope they might dust off and play.   2

plasticandwire 20 Jun 2013