After the Flood by Talk Talk


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gracelilacwine 10 Aug 2014

A radio edit of the best track from their final album. Not that any radio station played this stuff in 1991.   1

currybet 6 Dec 2011

Such a captive song, where every sound and note seems to be in place. Harmonic and beautiful. The strange guitar thing near the middle always gets me. I feel as if this song was stuck in my head before I even heard it, one of the weirdest and most beautiful feelings ever.

Karma_Idiot 13 Jun 2015

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aanand 16 Jan 2013

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kemiladashdot 12 Jul 2014

My Top 10 Albums of All-Time ~ 3. Talk Talk - Laughing Stock (1991) ~ Where to start... Mark Hollis is a master of space & silence, and Laughing Stock is more like a symphony than a rock album. Orchestration, not energy, is at the heart of each composition. Every sound serves a distinct purpose, has its own contextual meaning. Talk Talk had a few big hits in the 80's as a new wave band, and appeared to be on their way to stardom.  EMI surely thought so -- they gave the band complete creative control.  Laughing Stock (like Spirit of Eden before it) produced no singles, and there was no tour following its release. As Hollis explained, it would be impossible to duplicate on stage the sound they perfected in the studio - especially with so many musicians involved. Thus, Laughing Stock served as the conclusion to Hollis' brilliant, two-part "Fuck You" to the music industry. Well played, sir. Well played.   6

btener 15 Sep 2014