Burning Down The House by Talking Heads

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#HeadJam No5. The song from 'Speaking In Tongues' the version from whats often cited as the greatest live concert video. This pretty much made the the band global. Whilst Eno wasn't on the record it continued on the world beat/dance sound with a lot of additional players. Lighter in overall tone than the previous two albums but still worlds apart from anything else at the time.   4

adrian4acn 15 Jul 2015

Sorry for the infrequency of jams and the listening to of other people's jams as of late. I'm back home from uni which, ironically, has given me less time to dick around on here. Anyways, for now, have a song that has been stuck in my head for no reason for precisely 72 hours as of now!   3

CallumPetch 18 Jun 2014

Funky, oddball, and making very little sense, this song could come from no other band than New Wave pioneers Talking Heads. Despite being one of my favorite bands, I only listened to the full Speaking in Tongues album from which this hails for the first time this past month. I forget how much I love this song, a testament to the jam-bred experimental approach to songwriting they conceived as a band. Musically, it's not nearly as complex as some works in their catalogue, but I think the free space lets the bare bones breathe and speak for themselves.

jarvix 7 Jun 2015

"Fighting fire with fire." A jam for the fifth of November.   1

TeamJamPicks 5 Nov 2012

How the old school music videos were so cheesy but so much more awesome. This is a foot tapper.

Ladyzeppelin 25 Sep 2015


burstofpanties 21 Dec 2011