Don't Worry About The Government by Talking Heads

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I think it's OK to call someone a genius when they actually are one. David Byrne is a genius. Rocking the world in 1978 :)

darrendazed 15 Apr 2015

I smell the pine trees and the peaches in the woods. I see the pinecones that fall by the highway.   1

dylan.todd 22 May 2015

I'm much LESS worried right now anyway.   3

thefamilyghost 8 Nov 2012

New theme. #HeadJam No1. One song from each TH album over eight days. Todays from 1977 album '77. Man, I love this band (dancing like Snoopy here).   8

adrian4acn 11 Jul 2015

Talking Heads, a recent rediscovery.

maupertus 4 Aug 2015

My friends are important.

twinfountain 6 Feb 2012