Life During Wartime (live) by Talking Heads

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jimunwin 1 May 2015


theherridge 29 Jun 2015

Will always be in my heart and mind. One of the best bands to ever grace the stage. Enjoy.   1

wizzard 2 Feb 2015

One of the greatest concerts in human history. Piece of art, this song. #burningdownthehouse   1

puff 8 Nov 2014

Was fortunate enough to catch Remain In Light tour in,I think,early December 1980.Young and rather skint, I hitched down to Hammersmith Palais from The Midlands.One of the best gigs of my life.   8

tpjdavies 2 Jul 2015

One of the BEST EVER live bands at their best!!

topherdee 4 Aug 2015