Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads

“Can't imagine a better song than this one right now.”

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Can't imagine a better song than this one right now.   2

leyink 19 Jul 2014

There is water underground...

fifi_ 1 Dec 2011

Intended to make this my eternal jam way back when, but then I realized I've never posted it before... so here it is finally.   6

musicgeek 5 Dec 2013

#LastJams #ThanksTIMJ

Dalek 4 Sep 2015

Letting the days go by...

JamesInDigital 13 Aug 2015

#HeadJam No4 and the majestic last in the Eno affiliated trilogy Remain In Light. Undoubtably the album of theirs I've played the most and I did seriously consider going off piste with a song other than this one. The Great Curve a full on contender and the beautiful Listening Wind being major players. But this was groundbreaking and sent the band stratospheric. And the video!! Just peak creativity. Pretty much the only album you could hear in every studio of Winchester School of Art for a year or so.   12

adrian4acn 14 Jul 2015