Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control by Tame Impala

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To mark gaining 500 followers I'd to share a track from my band of the moment. Thank you everyone for listening and for sharing your most cherished jams! @Avante @teen @corcorankelly @MsSue_ @monaremlawi @dutchbeeblebrox @layla @Axol @jnsvalente @kfa444 @natyblooming @milly @florencevibert #spacedoutjam   32

lukestevo26 1 Aug 2013

It's sad that Jam's ending, but it couldn't have been controlled, right? (haha.) Thank you all for sharing such great music. [btw I'm on letsloop at /emily and on cymbal as emilylee !!]   5

EmilyLee 25 Aug 2015

Sounds tru

copious 12 Mar 2015

Going through the back catalog, digging some of the gems.   1

kevinpurdy 28 Jul 2015

Maybe I'm just reading into it a little deeper than I should.

mo_nextdoor 28 Jan 2015

I got the tests back from the lab, and it turns out this record is a keeper, as was widely suspected.

eliotvb 1 Mar 2013