Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer

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but nigeljohnwade was first  

A fabulous record.   3

thomasoshea 20 Jan 2014

Can't believe this is twenty years old this week. Great song.   1

bjbuchanan1 14 Oct 2012

"Have we lost what it takes to advance?/Have we peaked too soon?/Iif the world is so green then why does it scream under a blue moon/We wonder why/If the earth's sacrificed for the price of it's greatest treasure..."

reznicek111 10 Aug 2015

No 17-Oct-1992 new entries which interest me, so instead here's a song which climbed to number one this week.

20yearsago 17 Oct 2012

I always thought that this was a pop highwater mark of the 90's   13

mattb07 24 Oct 2013

Why wasn't this lady a huge star?

KarlM 22 Jul 2014